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Book Reviews for Bomber Aircrew in World War Two


Bomber Aircrew in World War Two by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny Book Reviews for Bomber Aircrew in World War Two

The following are just a few reviews of my Book: Bomber Aircrew in World War Two.


‘Anyone with the slightest interest in the RAF will want to read this excellent volume. It provides the reader with an insight into a very special breed of men - the courageous aircrew of Bomber Command. Flying a remarkable 300,000 operations over enemy territory during the war resulted in fifty thousand of this brave and dedicated force being killed: eight thousand aircraft were lost in action. The superb collection of first hand accounts provided by veteran RAF aircrew and support staff, together with a full account of all of Bomber Command's Victoria Cross awards and a section detailing the development of the bomber airfield, make this compelling reading.'

Review by Michael D Booker, FAMILY HISTORY MONTHLY

‘There have been many books on the RAF operations of WWII but seldom one which describes so graphically what it was like to suffer the woundings and death of being pinned to pieces of a Lancaster fuselage falling in flames from 20,000 feet over Germany. This is done through the words of individual aircrew describing over twenty raids over Europe. The details of various operations, their targets and the return flights with wounded pilots and crew, some to bale out or crash on landing, give an immediacy which is both moving and horrifying.

The book concludes with photos and citations of twenty-two Airmen who received the V.C. One of these is Ian Willoughby Bazalgette and one wonders what relation he was to our Glider Pilot, Paul Bazalgette, who before he died was so generous to our Association. This book is comprehensive in attaining a balance missing from previous attempts at covering the subject of the bravery of bomber aircrew. This gigantic and costly effort required hundreds of airfields to operate from and their construction in the short time available should be required reading for those who make promises today which remain unfulfilled.’

Review by L.D.B., THE EAGLE

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