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Bruce Barrymore Halpenny Aviation Books Bruce Barrymore Halpenny's Book Rights and FEES Guide
   This section of my web site allows you to see the Rights that are for sale. To know which Rights are for sale etc; and for which book, contact me.
Below is also a FEES Guide for an Article/story.


Bruce Barrymore Halpenny Aviation Books

Book Rights and FEES Guide

Rights for Books by Author Bruce Barrymore Halpenny

All negotiations are under a Confidentiality Agreement and by contacting me you accept these Terms & Conditions.

The following are just some of the book rights that are for sale of some of the Books by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny. For more details please contact Bruce Barrymore Halpenny.

  • Hardback Rights

  • Paperback Rights

  • CD & DVD Rights

  • Internet Rights

  • Television Rights

  • Radio Rights

  • Audio Cassette Rights

  • FILM Rights

  • Translation Rights

  • Dramatic & Animated Cartoon Rights

  • Foreign Rights

  • Music Rights

  • Strip Cartoon Rights

  • One-Shot Periodical or Newspaper Rights

  • Merchandising Rights

  • Commercial Cinematograph Film Rights

  • Mechanical Rights

  • For more Rights please contact

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Bruce Barrymore Halpenny

FEES Guide for Articles/stories by
Bruce Barrymore Halpenny

The following fees are a guide setting as an example a single article/story up to 2000 words and are for single once use only. Over 2000 words and/or 2 or more stories etc, fees are to be negotiated

  • Local/Regional ... 3,500

  • National ... 7,500

  • International/Global ... 16,000

Please note: Single once use only, means using the article/story once only at an agreed time, for example a story in a May issue of a monthly magazine. If it is reprinted again then permission is required along with a further fee.

Illegal and unauthorised use of my works is prohibited and I exercise all Copyright, Intellectual and Moral Rights. If unauthorised use of my work is found, then at a minimum, double the standard fee will be sought plus damages along with all legal fees and expenses. A daily fee for continued illegal use may also be sought.

The Internet is treated as International/Global.

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