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Reviews for my Book: Fighter Pilots in World War Two


Fighter Pilots in World War Two by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny
Reviews for Fighter Pilots in World War II

The following are just a few reviews of my Book: Fighter Pilots in World War II.


‘The Author served in the RAF on special Security Duties and has written several volumes on aspects of wartime aviation. In his latest work he uses first-hand accounts to paint a picture of the airmen and their sparten existence on wartime airfields, in the sweltering heat of the North African desert or the bitter cold of a Scottish winter. Flyers had to endure mental as well as physical strain – forever in a state of readiness to scramble at a moment’s notice, and never knowing if it would be their last.’

Review by Wicker’s World – Noel Donaldson, John O’Groat Journal

‘Based on first-hand accounts from the RAF personnel who defended Britain and prosecuted the war, there are chapters on V1 flying bombs, armourers and desert airfields. Fighter pilots is well illustrated with black and white photographs, and features pictures taken during battles.’

Review by Anthony Stone, Focus

‘Many of the photographs in this book were taken in the heat of battle and have never before been seen. These are factual stories of many whose dedication to duty cost them their lives. This book captures the real life drama, the humour and the hardships. The contents cover a diverse range of topics from: Operational Fighter Pilots, Fighter Groundcrew, Off duty Pastimes; Going Sick; Grub-up; etc. This volume gives a good insight into life and times of the fighter pilots during the Second World War – a bit different from other run-of-the mill publications, and at £12.99 is well worth considering.’

Review by Max Sarche, Scale Scene.

‘An ideal companion to ‘Bomber Aircrew in World War Two’ by the same Author, this is an authoritative account of the brave men and remarkable machines of Fighter Command, most notably between July and October 1940 – the Battle of Britain – when with just 220 aircraft they faced the full onslaught of 1,800 bombers and 1,200 fighters of the German Luftwaffe. The chapter on this famous battle forms just one part of this superbly illustrated book. Several of these images are published for the first time and support fascinating chapters covering fighter airfields (both at home and abroad), the ground crews who worked tirelessly. The Canadians, Mohawk and Desert Air force fighter squadrons receive well deserved coverage and there is a fitting tribute to Fighter Command’s only VC – Flt/Lt. James Brindley Nicholson of 249 Squadron

Review by Michael Booker, FAMILY HISTORY MONTHLY

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